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Showcases are particular types of glass display cases that are designed to present merchandise that customers can view through the glass, but not have access to themselves. While regular and custom glass display cases are usually built to allow access so customers can retrieve and purchase the items they like, glass showcases are built to be accessed only by store employees. Glass showcases only have doors in the back or employee side, and these doors are often secured or at least securable with a lock and key.
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Black Extra Vision Display Case Extra Vision Black Showcase
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Extra Vision Display Case Extra Vision Display Case
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Extra Vision Black Display Wallcase Extra Vision Black Glass Wallcase with Glass Back
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Full Vision Glass Showcase Full Vision Glass Showcase
Our Price: $595.00
Online Special: $515.00
Jewelry Vision Glass Display Showcases Jewelry Vision Glass Showcase
Our Price: $595.00
Online Special: $525.00
Half Vision Glass Display Showcases Half Vision Glass Showcase
Our Price: $595.00
Online Special: $525.00

The reason for this design is that showcases are the types of glass display cases on sale that will hold expensive jewelry, watches, high-end electronics, cosmetics, and other items that are both very valuable and easily removable. If your store is a jewelry store, the last thing you want is to have gold and diamond pieces sitting out where any customer can pick them up—that would be a great way to lose half your inventory to theft. Showcases are not just glass display cases but also built-in security measures. Customers will have excellent views of the jewelry or other expensive items in these showcases, but they will not be able to reach them without an employee‘s assistance.

To assist with both security and presentation, showcases are glass display cases designed for maximum visibility for both customers and employees. The front, top, sides, and often rear panels of showcases are clear glass, so customers can focus on the sparkling wares inside and employees can ensure that inventory is both intact and consistently organized.

Another important trait of glass showcases is that they are glass display cases that can make up entire store layouts or sections by themselves. This is particularly true for jewelry stores, which rely on glass showcases for their entire merchandise display, but it can also be seen in electronics stores, game stores, and in the watch, cosmetics, and jewelry sections of department stores. This layout design is accomplished by the use of corner showcases, glass display cases for sale that allow long rectangular showcases to be connected by corner pieces that also can hold showcase merchandise. While these corner glass displays cannot stand on their own, they are versatile connecters to help optimize your store’s design and layout.

ND Store Fixtures has a wide selection of showcases and other glass display cases for sale online. We’re confident that you will find exactly the showcases you need in our store, and we look forward to helping you meet all your glass display case needs.

Glass Showcase Display Case

Showcases are a specialized type of display case that is used for more specific roles within a store, business, or office. Traditional glass display cases in Texas can be used for a variety of purposes, from displaying merchandise to highlighting company awards. Glass display cases that are used for showcasing serve a similar role but with a different purpose.

Typically, glass display cases for showcase purposes will have glass on all sides to prevent the use or touching of the items held within. The reasoning for blocking off access to the merchandise or item will vary from company to company, but the aim of all showcase glass display cases are to restrict access to the product or item on display.

Glass in the glass display cases allow an individual to preview the item before buying while improving overall security of the merchandise for the business. Glass display cases are secured by a lock and key to prevent unintended access to the items within, except by employees or members of the organization.

Types of Glass Display Cases

There are a few different styles of glass display cases that you and your company can utilize. Our most popular options for sale online at our TX store include three primary types of glass display cases.

Frameless Countertop

Frameless countertop displays are ideal for merchandise and items where it’s best to view the item from multiple angles. Frameless countertop displays are small enough for individuals to look around from all sides. The design has no vision-obstructing frame, making it easier for a customer to see from all angles, including above and below.

Extra Vision Case

Extra vision display cases are perfect for large quantities or larger items that require a lot of space to be properly displayed. With large glass panes, items within can be seen from different angles. An extra vision case is ideal for countertops or as a central or primary display element within store layouts.

Corner Case

Corner glass display cases are perfect for smaller locations or layouts where spacing is limited. Corner cases come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of a business. These types of cases are perfect for jewelry and other small items, like jewelry, when your business needs to maximize the amount of merchandise that is visible on the presentable floor of the store.

More glass display cases are available below. If you have any questions or are looking online for specific styles of glass display cases, give us a call and we’ll help you locate the style that is for sale.

Below you can find all of our available glass display cases for showcase purposes. If you have any questions about TX glass display cases for sale at our Texas location or online, you can give us a call! We will be happy to answer all of your questions about glass display cases and how they can help your Texas business or organization.

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