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ND Store Fixtures is the premier supplier of quality retail display cases and store display fixtures for small and large businesses anywhere in the United States. We offer a wide array of glass display cases for sale and other retail store fixtures at discount prices, including clothing racks, display cases online, slatwalls, gondolas and much more. Whether you are remodeling an existing retail business or starting a new business venture, ND Store Fixtures has the retail fixtures and display cases to meet all of your needs. ND Store Fixtures provides store owners with unbeatable prices on Store Fixtures, Glass Display Cases For Sale, and Retail store display fixtures. Si Habla Espanol!

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ND Store Fixtures is proud to carry the brand new heavy duty "SI" gondola shelving

Our Price: $69.00
Our Price: $55.00
Online Special: $39.00
Beautiful chrome finish, collapsible, rolling, versatile, great for clothing stores, stock rooms, and closets.

48" Hangrail with Two 12" pull-out rods. Height is adjustable at 55", 60" and 65". 4" ball bearing casters. Made of 1" round tubing.

Round Base, 67" Tall Post, Approximately 25" Wide.
Gondola Island Shelving *NEW* - Starter Unit Adjustable Double Heavy Duty "H" Clothing Rack
Our Price: $155.00
Our Price: $69.00
Online Special: $59.99
Gondola Shelving
  • 48" Length
  • 16" Bases
  • Available heights of 54"; 72"
  • In Beige/Off White
  • Heavy Duty
  • The "Starter Unit" is used to start each new line or row
  • Upper Shelves NOT included
Hangrail height is adjustable every 3" from 48" to 66" with adjustable levelers included.

Dimensions:60"L and 22"W. Hangrails have holes drilled for use with signs and made of 1-1/4" round tubing.

Gondola Island Shelving *NEW* - Add-On Unit Frameless Wallcase Display
Our Price: $109.00
Our Price: $369.00
Gondola Shelving
  • 48" Length
  • 16" Bases
  • Available heights of 54"; 72"
  • In Beige/Off White
  • Heavy Duty
  • The "Add-On Units" are used to add to each new line or row
  • Upper Shelves NOT included
16"x36"x80" H

Great Selection of Retail Glass Display Cases and other Store Fixtures

ND Store Fixtures has the best selection of store display fixtures and retail display cases available online. Our store fixtures and display cases are the ideal choice for any type of retail business, including jewelry stores, glass display cases, hardware stores and clothing retailers. Our selection of quality discount retail fixtures includes:

  • Acrylic Displays - Acrylic store fixtures are the perfect way to give an all around view of your valuable merchandise. Choose from our selection of tiered acrylic displays, acrylic display bins and much more.
  • Glass Display Cases - Our selection of glass display cases are perfect for displaying all types of valuable merchandise - from baseball cards to jewelry, anything that you want to keep protected until the final sale. Find the perfect glass display case for sale online for your store and product.
  • Clothing Racks- New Discount Store Fixtures offers a large selection of durable clothing racks in a variety of styles - from single racks to round racks - that make it easy to show off your clothing selection.
  • Kiosks - We carry a great selection of kiosks which combine the best features of retail store fixtures and register space in a wide variety of styles for your business.
  • Gondolas - Gondola Islands are one of the most versatile retail store fixtures available and are the perfect option for retail stores with a large amount of space.
  • Display Tables - Choose from our great selection of stand-alone, multiple level display tables, perfect for displaying clothing, shoes and much more.
  • Gridwalls- Our selection of gridwall panels and gridwall accessories are the ideal choice for displaying artwork, or pegged items.
  • Slatwalls- New Discount Store Fixtures carries a great selection of slatwalls which allow retailers to create their own, personalized shelving displays.
  • Mannequins- Display your clothing in style with our great selection of retail display mannequins, including torso mannequins, French dress forms and Brazilian style pant forms.
  • Hangers - We carry a great selection of retail hangers and hanger accessories including hanger retrievers and hanger stackers.
  • ND Store Fixtures has provided quality retail display cases and store fixtures to retail businesses for more than 10 years, and is dedicated in providing superior customer service for retail businesses large and small. We have the knowledge and experience to assist our clients in choosing the perfect store display fixtures and retail display cases for their business without exceeding their budget. We also have the ability to create custom retail fixtures, specifically designed to meet the needs of your retail business. For more information about the quality discount retail store fixtures and display cases we provide or to speak to an experienced customer service representative, contact ND Store Fixtures toll-free at 800-230-NDSF(6373) or email: info@ndstorefixture.com.

    We know that having the right display case is imperative to properly merchandising your products. Find the best display cases for sale online at ND Store Fixtures. Our inventory of display cases online includes high-quality display cases for sale at discounted prices, helping you to get the most value for your budget.

    If you are a retailer in need of glass display cases, jewelry display cases for sale, other display cases online, you have come to the right place. ND Store Fixtures is the premier distributor retail display cases and has helped thousands of store owners and other retailers move product with the best line of display cases for sale online.

    Purchasing a display case online is a simple process. Simply browse through our inventory of display cases for sale and make your selection. We've tried to make the checkout process as streamlined as possible to save you time. If you need assistance in purchasing a glass display case or any of our other retail display cases, please call our store and a representative will be glad to help you through the process.

    Increase the value of your storefront with Texas retail display cases and glass display cases. ND Store Fixtures, serving all of TX, helps store owners increase sales by improving the visual presentation of the merchandise. Whether you have general items for sale or need to securely present expensive items, glass display cases can help improve organization, boost sales, and increase customer satisfaction.

    Retail display cases are vital for any business that has items that need to be presented at a professional level. See how glass display cases can help your Texas business.

    How Display Cases Help Your Business

    Retail display cases in your TX store can help your business, regardless of the type of merchandise or service that you advertise. Even if you have physical goods for sale, glass display cases will help to improve the quality of your store or office.

    If your TX store needs retail display cases or glass display cases, they are for sale online at ND Store Fixtures. Give us a call or contact us today if you have any questions about display cases for sale.

    Improves Visibility

    Using retail display cases will help to improve the visibility of your merchandise. When visitors come into your store, the items in the cases will be neatly displayed for them to view. They also help to minimize recovery time throughout the day, as customers won’t be able to mess with the items inside the case, reducing the amount of time you have to fix the displayed merchandise. If you have any items for sale, retail display cases can help you to improve their visibility.

    Highlights Valuable Merchandise

    When items are locked behind glass display cases, their value will immediately go up. As customers visit, they’ll see the display cases and recognize that your merchandise has been locked behind a pane of glass, which will immediately boost the value of the item in their eyes. When they get closer, they can admire the quality and value of certain items that you want to highlight.

    Professional Atmosphere

    Having retail display cases present in your store or office, even if you are not displaying merchandise to sell, can be a great way to improve the professionalism in your business space. Glass display cases can be used for more than just displaying merchandise. They can be used to display awards and recognitions, prototypes of creations, archives of old products, and more.

    There are many ways that retail display cases and glass display cases can improve your business. Regardless of the needs of your business, these glass display cases are for sale online at ND Store Fixtures.

    Ready to improve sales, increase traffic, improve customer experiences, and make your store look more professional? Give us a call today at ND Store Fixture. You can order retail display cases, glass display cases, and more online. We serve the entire Texas community, from small business owners to larger corporations with professional storefronts.

    Give us a call or contact us online with any questions, orders for retail display cases, and more!

    Today's Super Deal!

    Gridwall Hooks

    Our Price: $16.00
    Online Special: $13.00
    New Box of Gridwall hooks: Available in 2", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12".

    Available Colors: Chrome, White, Black.

    Available in quantities of  50.

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